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Grading Systems

UK Percentage

UK universities use a weighted average percentage for calculating your final Grade.
GradeHub takes an average of the exam and coursework marks on your modules and weights the average by the number of module credits.

US GPA 4.0

Many Colleges in the US use the Grade Point Average (GPA) system to calculate your final Grade.
Letter grades are awarded for each modules such as A, B, C, D or F. GradeHub converts those letters to a number and takes the weighted average.
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US GPA 5.0

Some American universities, such as MIT use GPA 5.0.
This grading system works in the same way as GPA 4.0 but with an A grade being worth 5 instead of 4.
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Module Reviews

What is the GRADEOMETER?

GradeHub and the GRADEOMETER score are the world’s most trusted recommendations for university modules.
As the leading online aggregator of university modules reviews from fellow students, we provide details of the difficulty, the teaching quality and to what degree the other students would recommend each module.

How are ratings calculated?

The GRADEOMETER score, based on the opinions of millions of students, is a trusted measurement of critical recommendation.
The GRADEOMETER score represents the percentage of reviews that are positive for a given university module or course.


When at least 80% of reviews for a module are positive, a diamond is displayed to indicate its great status.


When between 60% and 80% of reviews for a module are positive, an apple is displayed to indicate its good status.


When less than 60% of reviews for a module are positive, a cloud is displayed to indicate its poor status.