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Track coursework and exams

With our weighted average calculator you can keep track of your grades and calculate your average. GradeHub takes an average of the exam and coursework marks for your modules. The credits for a module are used as weighting for your total year average.

Split up your years

You can divide your modules into years and customise weights for each year. For most degrees, the first year doesn't count towards your final score. There is often a 40:60 split for your final two years but this varies by university and is handled by GradeHub's calculator.

Add grade targets

Predict your final grade classification with degree targets. Figure out how well you need to score in your remaining exams to get a 1st class honours or a GPA 4.0.

Trusted by millions

Millions of students love GradeHub's weighted average grade calculator. Our open grading platform is used by students from the top universities and colleges around the world.

Support for every grading system

GradeHub's calculator supports grading systems for universities and colleges from all over the world.

US Grade Point Average Calculator

Many Colleges in the US use the Grade Point Average (GPA) system to calculate your final Grade. If your college uses GPA 4.0 or GPA 5.0, we have you covered.

UK weighted percentage calculator

UK universities use a weighted average percentage (link) for calculating your final Grade.

Deciding which modules to take

Module reviews by students

Module reviews are created by fellow students to help you on your higher education journey. GradeHub Reviews provide details of the difficulty, the teaching quality and whether they would recommend you choose it for your degree.

Open and transparent mark analytics

We have the most complete dataset in the world for selecting your courses for the next semester. Module averages and score distributions give you real insights into the modules from the previous year and help you choose modules for the next semester.